Frequenty Asked Questions

FAQ #1: What size company can you handle?

Compass-i can handle a company with as little as 1 employee or a company with as many as 1,000 employees.

FAQ #2: Can you handle out of state clients?

Yes. Compass-i services all 50 states.

FAQ #3: Why should I choose Compass-i over a larger payroll firm?

Compass-i offers a small companies’ personality on a national level service bureau platform. What we mean by this is that Compass-i is more than appropriately equipped to run with the “big dogs” in payroll and human resource services. Yet, we offer that small company atmosphere. No “1-800” numbers, no voice automated menus. You call Compass-i and one of our highly trained professionals will answer the phone immediately, ready to assist you in any way possible.

FAQ #4: How do I switch over to Compass-i from another payroll company?

We know that transitioning from one payroll or human resource company to another can be quite the hassle. However, our professionals are well experienced and trained to make the transition as smooth and painless as possible. Contact us today and we can show you how easy it can be!

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