About Compass-i

Mission Statement

Compass-i is dedicated to the highest level of support and flexibility throughout the employment life cycle by offering a small companies’ level of customer service coupled with a national bureau’s capabilities.


Our goal is to support our clients’ growth by supplying them with reliable, secure and accurate payroll and human resource services delivered with excellent customer service.


Founder of compass-i
“I started Compass-i in 2002 with the purpose providing businesses a cost effective and flexible escape from expensive employee leasing (PEO) arrangements. Since then, ASO models have emerged, instead of charging a percentage of gross payroll dollars like PEO’s a fee per employee per month is charged, again, a rigged and expensive solution. So, we have expanded our mission to bring all the elements to support the employment life cycle through an On-Demand platform. This approach allows our client to receive and ultimately only pay for the services they need and use. I believe this provides a comprehensive solution that can expand and contract with business requirements. Thank you in advance for considering our solutions.”

Chip Shank, Founder of Compass-i, LLC.

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